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Walking and Cycling Guides
Walking Routes
A range of cliff-top walks, routes through picturesque landscapes and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, town trails and literary trails.
Deal and Dover have Walkers are Welcome accreditation.
website: whitecliffscountry/walking
Circular downland and coastal walk (2.2 miles) from Walmer Castle and including Hawkshill Freedown, Kingsdown and the Saxon Shore way coastal path.
The route features extensive clifftop views of the English channel, the French coast and the Isle of Thanet.
For a description and map of the route: explorekent.org/.../kingsdown-walmer-walk.
Local Walks in Deal and Walmer
Maps and directions for several local walks including: Deal Pier to Sandwich (5 miles),
a 6-mile circular walk from Deal Pier, Deal Pier to St Margaret's Bay (6 miles) and
a 2.2-mile circular walk from Walmer Castle.
Deal Blue Plaques Walk
Walks linking blue wall plaques installed by The Deal Society and
recording famous people associated with Deal and Walmer.
Download the walk guide at: Deal Society blue-plaque walk.
Royal Marines Heritage Trails
Royal Marines Heritage Trail
A self-guided two-hour walking trail celebrating the rich history of the Royal Marines and their unique relationship with Deal and Walmer that has endured for over 350 years.
For more details and map of the trail, see: website
Discovering Britain Walk: Invasion Coast.
A six-mile walk exploring the coastline between Walmer and Deal which has faced  attack for centuries. Its flat shores and closeness to Europe have  attracted many overseas invaders - from Julius Caesar’s Roman legions to  Napoleon’s warships, First World War bombers and Hitler’s planned  landings in 1940.  
Details, map and downloadable route guide: Discovering Britain website.
Cycling routes and support
Cycle Routes around Dover, Deal and Sandwich
Explore the delights of the local area with its exceptional coastline and countryside.
Find out more about Cycling around Dover, Deal and Sandwich with these guides:
  • The Cliffs and Castles Route, National Cycle Route 1 - From Dover to Deal
  • The Cliffs and Castles Route, National Cycle Route 1 - From Deal to Sandwich
  • Kent Coastal Castles Ride - National Cycle Network: Route 1
  • Garden of England - National Cycle Network: Route 1
  • The Sandwich Way - Regional Route 15
  • The Miner's Cycle Trail
  • The Skylark Trail
  • Cathedral to Coast (in reverse!)
All the details are on the White Cliffs Country website.

Cycle Friendly Deal
The aim of the Cycle Friendly Deal project is to develop new local cycle routes, provide free events and training, install more cycle parking, create a new Cycling & Walking Map and launch the Deal-e-Bike Hire Scheme. For details of these and useful guides to local cycle trails and bike services, see the project's website.
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