Why throw things away when someone
else could make good use of them?

Why put stuff out with the rubbish when it can
be recycled and help save our environment?
There's no need to.... The answers are here! 

Dover District Council Refuse and Recycling Collections

Dover District Council operates kerbside collection services for household waste, green garden waste and a range of recyclable materials. Separate containers are used for the different sorts of refuse. These include wheelie bins, black boxes and garden waste bags but special colour coded plastics bags may be used where regular containers are inappropriate.

The blue-lidded wheelie bin is for recyclable items including cans, plastics and glass. Collections are fortnightly.
The black box is used for paper and card. Collections are also fortnightly on the same day as the recyclable items.
The black-lidded wheelie bin is for anything that can't be recycled. Collections are fortnightly - on a different day to the recyclable items.
For food waste there's a small kitchen caddy for use indoors and a larger storage container for outside. The council collects food waste every week.
Green garden waste is collected fortnightly - but only from properties that have signed up and paid extra for the service.

All items need to made available by 7am on the morning of collection.

To check the arrangements for your street see the Dover District Council website's waste services.  

White Cliffs Freegle Recycling Forum

Want to get rid of something that's cluttering up the house or garage - but hate the thought of just throwing it on the tip?
Or maybe you need something and hope there's a kind person who would be happy to give you one they no longer want?

If you live in the Walmer and Deal area, the White Cliffs Freegle Recycling Forum could provide the answer. It is one of many groups across the UK where people see unwanted items go to a good home and reduce the demand on landfill sites.
To find out more

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Recycling Centres

Walmer and Deal's nearest Household Waste Centre is Kent County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centre in Southwall Road, Deal. It provides comprehensive free waste disposal and recycling facilities for use by householders.

Items accepted include: paper, cardboard, glass, textiles, plastics, cans and metal, garden waste, general household items, soil and hard core, engine oil and unwanted d.i.y materials. There are some restrictions on the sizes of vehicles and also the quantities of materials that can be left per trip.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8am to 4.30pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9am to 4pm
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

For more on local recycling: see the KCC website.

Deal With It Group
"Deal With It" is a local environmental action group for people keen to support "green" initiatives. For details see their website at www.dealwithit.org
This page was updated on May 7, 2018