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An extraordinary meeting of Walmer Parish Council on Wednesday 30 September gave the go-ahead for the next step in the purchase of new offices on The Strand.

The Council will now begin a month-long public consultation to seek support from ratepayers for an average increase of 10.5p per week to pay for a mortgage to supplement the cash reserves which it has already built up to purchase a freehold property.

Chair of Finance, Cllr Mike Eddy explained: "While we have been able to work well in our present one-room office, it is rented and every penny of ratepayers' money which we spend on it for rent or maintenance brings no long term benefit to Walmer ratepayers.

"Since we have been there, we have already spent some £65,000 on rent and making the room fit for purpose. If we see out the remaining seven years of the lease it will be at least another £42,000 gone. However, there is a rent review due shortly and the final cost could be much greater. By purchasing a property, the money will stay within Walmer and it will be a community asset rather than a drain on our financial resources."

Council chairman James Murray said councillors appreciated the proposed plan was a big step and wanted to be sure that ratepayers understood the benefits. The extra space provided an opportunity to create a community hub with meeting rooms for small groups and a variety of events. As its next step, the council will be posting an explanatory leaflet and a consultation response form through every letter box in the parish.    (October 8, 2020)



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