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Seabrook promenade (photo: Harold Wyld) Seabrook (photo: Harold Wyld) Hythe Promenade (photo: Harold Wyld)
Seabrook promenade Seabrook Hythe promenade
Hythe (photo: Harold Wyld) Dymchurch (photo: Harold Wyld) Dymchurch (photo: Harold Wyld)
Hythe Dymchurch Dymchurch
Dymchurch, looking towards Folkestone (photo: Rob Riddle) New sea wall and prom at Dymchurch (photo: Jim Wilson) Littlestone (photo: Harold Wyld)
Dymchurch Dymchurch Littlestone
Littlestone beach (photo: Stuart Chapman) Greatstone (photo: Harold Wyld) Dungeness (photo: Harold Wyld)
Littlestone Greatstone Dungeness
Dungeness (photo: Harold Wyld) Dungeness new lighthouse (photo: Harold Wyld) Dungeness old and new lighthouses (photo: Jim Wilson)
Dungeness beach Dungeness new lighthouse Dungeness lighthouses
Dungeness old lighthouse (photo: Rob Riddle) Dungeness power station (photo: Harold Wyld) Dungeness (photo: Rob Riddle)
Dungeness old lighthouse Dungeness power station Dungeness
Wooden structure on Dungeness beach (photo: Nick Thompson) Boat on Dungeness beach (photo: Nick Thompson) Dungeness beach (photo: Ivor Dennis)
Dungeness wood structure Dungeness fishing boat Dungeness beach
Prospect cottage, Dungeness (photo: Ivor Dennis)    
Prospect Cottage    
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