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Promoting Deal and
Walmer in 1938

Cover of the 1938 Guide

As part of a drive to attract visitors to Deal and Walmer back in 1938, the then Deal Corporation published a 64-page guidebook "The Book of Deal and Walmer". One surviving copy ended up in a charity shop in Wellington, New Zealand and was spotted and snapped up by a former UK resident Debbe Kohler. Debbe contacted DealWeb to see if we'd be interested in receiving the publication. We certainly were and we are pleased to be able to share some of the fascinating content here and on several linked pages.

Deal and Walmer in 1938 - in pictures
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Aerial view of Deal Pier and the seafront Deal beach Deal beach
Deal Pier and seafront Deal beach- looking north Deal beach - looking south
Regatta off Deal Pier Deal and Walmer Lifeboat Bathing floats - with Deal Pier beyond Deal Pierhead
Regatta at the Pier The lifeboat Bathing floats Deal pierhead
Young Anglers on Deal Pier Deal Bowling Club Tennis in Victoria Park, Deal The Glen, Walmer - with St Mary's Church in the distance
Anglers on Deal Pier Bowls Tennis in Victoria Park The Glen, Walmer
Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club: The Clubhouse from the 18th Green Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club: The new 4th hole Deal Castle
Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club clubhouse New 4th hole Deal Castle
The Guide Book's Introduction
The authors of the Deal and Walmer 1938 guidebook certainly didn't hold back when it came to flowery prose to describe the area's attractions. Much is made of the "two unspoilt gems of the South East coast" not needing to rely on "modern artificial entertainments" like amusement arcades and casinos. Their natural beauty and characteristics are described as offering everything that's needed for an "invigorating holiday resort" with a "friendly atmosphere". To read the full text.... click here.
General Information
Three pages in the Guide offer a fascinating glimpse into the range of local services just before World War II - from banks to churches and even the cost of local gas and electricity supplies! To read the full text.... click here. (opens in a new window)
Street plan for Deal and Walmer in 1938
Deal Corporation's 1938 guidebook "The Book of Deal and Walmer" included a street plan to the area.
To see a copy.... click here.
It Pays To Advertise
To help cover production costs for their Guide, Deal Corporation sold 34 pages to advertisers.
We've selected some of the more interesting ones and you can see them by clicking on these links:
general adverts hotels and accommodation #1 hotels and accommodation #2
Remember, these relate to 1938!
The Original Publication:   Having now made much of this interesting publication available on DealWeb, the original booklet has been passed to the Deal Library's Reference Section for safe keeping and to enable access to interested members of the public.
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