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Photos of Deal's Past #2
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Deal Bandstand in 1900s Deal Timeball and former Bandstand Deal Bandstand and Timeball - circa 1900
Deal Pier damaged - 1873 Deal Pier damaged - 1873 Bandstand Timeball and bandstand Timeball - c1900
Deal cyclists, circa 1900 Sandown Castle and Windmill - in 1884 Deal High Street 1900 Deal High Street in 1905 Deal High Street in 1905
Cyclists - c1900 Sandown Castle and mill High Street - c1900 High Street - c1905 High Street - c1905
Deal Pavilion and Timeball - post 1920 Deal Pavilion, circa 1928. Upper Deal (circa 1929) South beach, Deal, c1929 Regent Cinema - 1930s
Deal Pavilion - post 1920 Deal Pavilion - c1928 Upper Deal - c1928 South beach - c1929 Regent Cinema - 1930s
South Street, Deal, c 1930 Odeon Cinema, Deal, in 1937 World War II bomb damage in Deal Deal Pier 1940 (photo: Dr E F Roberts) High Street, Deal - in 1946
South Street - c1930 Saturday morning films High Street bomb damage Deal Pier - 1940 High Street - 1946
Deal High Street in the 1950s Deal Pier construction in 1954 Mill Hill, Deal - in the 1950s Deal seafront fair Royal Cinema building
High Street - c1950s Building Deal Pier, 1954 Mill Hill - c1950 Pre-war seafront fair Royal Cinema, 2003

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